• Joann Song

Broken Threads

The black veil

that covers my head

covered my naked body

when I entered this world.

A hand me down.

A deeply rooted tree

produces leaves.

Beliefs – fabric interlaced

with powerful stories.

I pulled a thread at a time.

Loose ends turned to burnt strands.

Quick fix – shift the mind.

Suppress dissent, momentarily.

Fringes and confines

defined, arbitrarily.

I pulled a thread at a time.

Engage the mind.

If salvation has no ending,

does it have a beginning?

The thread is left unraveled

at my feet.

Alone and exposed,

I wander past sanctuaries:

from a temple to a church.

At the end of the road is a woman -

begging for food,

for comfort,

for something or someone

to alleviate the pain.

I pull the thread one more time:

closing the deep gashes, the visible wounds.

Engage the mind.

Focus on the concrete.

Compassion - the fabric

that preserves our humanity.

#SpokenWord #Poem